Ergo Cart

    Ergo Cart

    Ergo Dialysis Water Cart

    Ergonomic Cart & Docking Station

    Mar Cor Purification has developed two different transport systems, the Ergonomic M2 and the Ergonomic Docking station, both designed as a complete solution for ransporting pre-treatment and Reverse Osmosis (RO) equipment required to treat individual patients in acute and home settings.






Standard Features
• Compatible with Millenium HX, Millenium, WRO 300, & WRO 300 H portable RO systems, along with a variety of other portable RO systems
• Large 6” swivel wheels with locking features for ease of maneuverability
• Carbon block filter or GAC tanks protect RO membranes from chlorine / chloramines and remove lower molecular weight dissolved organics from RO feed water
• Ergonomically designed handles to allow for improved maneuverability and less strain for the operator 
• Welded-in eyelet fixtures for easily attaching elastic hook cords for securing carbon tanks, including 0.85 cu. ft. tanks
• A static strap and anti static casters to dissipate residual static build-up that may exist on the cart frame
• Anodized corrosion resistant carbon and stainless steel frame with off white epoxy finish
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 Product BulletinsDate
 M2 Ergo Cart Support Brackets3/21/2014

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