Central Dialysis Water Sytem

    Central Dialysis Water Sytem

    CWP Dialysis Water System

    5,000 to 13,000 GPD w/ Heat Disinfeciton

    The CWP 100 offers cost-effective, consistent delivery of AAMI grade water according to ANSI/AAMI 13959 for dialysis at the point of use. This system is designed to meet all current standards for dialysis quality water. The automated heat disinfection of the distribution loop simply and easily reduces biofilm development and minimizes levels of endotoxin, fungi, yeast and other microbial contaminants.

    automated heat disinfectionEnery efficient


Standard Features
• Hot water loop disinfection
• Medical-grade Wirsbo-cleanPEX® distribution system
• Direct feed operation
• Automated disinfection of the loop and semi-automated disinfection of RO membranes
• Integrated end-to-end heat with the Phoenix ® Hemodialysis System
• Monitoring software for documentation and verification of disinfection procedures

• ETL certified
Optional Items
Mar Cor Purification offers a complete line of components and accessories, including:
• Blending Valves and Booster Pumps
• Multi-Media Filters
• Water Softeners
• Carbon Adsorption
• Hardness and Total Chlorine Test Kits
• AAMI Water Analysis
• Chemical Disinfectants



CWP 100 Specifications
Product Water - Minimum capacity at 20˚C and at a pure water outlet pressure of 29 psi(200 kPa)
 Part Number 
 Product Water in gallons/min (l/min)
3.4 (13)
5.3 (20)
7.7 (29)
9.3 (35)
QualityDepends on inlet water quality. The system is designed to utilize drinking water that meets the standards of the Safe Drinking Water Act, 40 CFR. Additional pretreatment of inlet water is required. A properly maintained system using inlet water meeting SDWA can obtain the following rejection rates:
 Total dissolved salts > 95 %   •   Bacteria (CFU) & endotoxins > 99 %   •   Water conversion factor 67 %
Water Supply     
 Min Input flow in gallons/min (l/min)
5.3 (20)
7.9 (30)
13.2 (50)
15.9 (60)
 Min Input pressure in psi (kPa)
15 (100)
15 (100)
36 (250)
51 (300)
 Max Input pressure in psi (kPa)
73 (500)
73 (500)
73 (500)
73 (500)
Temperature+5˚C to +25˚C*      *(Maximum +20˚C if peracetic acid is used for disinfection)
Drain Requirements    
Peak Flow (Rinse)Model 
 Required capacity in gallons/min (l/min)
5.3 (20)
7.9 (30)
13.2 (50)
15.9 (60)
 Note: Maximum flow occurs during flushing 
Reverse Osmosis Membranes    
MaterialModified polyamide, thin film composite 
ConfigurationSpiral wound    
Power Supply     
Main Voltage120/208 V, 60 Hz, 3-phase (5 wires)
Power ratingRO-unit 101-104: 1.8 kW; RO-unit 106: 2.5 kW; Heating unit 101-106: 9.0 kW
Fuse16 AT + 32 AT, 16 (slow blow) or 40 AT (slow blow) one supply
 CWP Manual - Model H-S Operations Guide3027367
 Product BulletinDate
 CWP - Remote and Local Alarm Improvement8/31/2014
 CWP 100, WRO H/S Operator’s Panel9/17/2020
 Tech Notes
 TN123-Minimum GAC Volumes Needed for EBCT-3002463f.pdf10/28/2011
 TN231-CWP Chemical Pump Uptake System8/1/2012
 TN232-Identifying CWP Main RO Pump Replacement Parts8/1/2012
 TN235-CWP H-S-P New PLC and HMI10/5/2012
 TN240-CWP Inlet Solenoid Information6/21/2013
 TN241-Updated Preventive Maintenance Procedure6/21/2013
 TN242-Changes to CWP Valves and PM Kits6/21/2013
 TN243-Lowering Conductivity Alarm Limits Below Standard Range6/25/2013
 TN246-Adjusting Dayligh Savings Time for CWP with E1032 Operator Panel8/20/2013
 TN247-CWP GXL Remote Access Technote8/27/2013
 TN281-CWP Heater Troubleshooting8/23/2016
 TN284-Instructions for the Replacement of CWP ROMA’s and Repair of Lower Support Frame3/6/2017
 TN308-Determining when to replace CWP main pump10/17/2019
 TN312-New CWP Operators Panel (HMI)9/17/2020
 General Tech NotesDate
 TN103-Hemodialysis Water Quality Standards-3002433g.pdf2/7/2009
 TN104-Nominal Rejection Characteristics of Reverse Osmosis Membranes-3002434c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN107-Resistivity Measurement-3002435c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN108-Flow and Volume Equivalents-3002436c.pdf1/16/2009
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 TN112-Unit Conversion Tables-3002438.pdf1/16/2009
 TN113-Temperature Correction Factors for Thin Film Membranes-3002432e.pdf5/25/2011
 TN114-Unit of Measure and Their Abbreviations-3002409c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN115-Useful Formulas-3002430.pdf1/16/2009
 TN116-AAMI Analysis-3003016.pdf1/27/2009
 TN117-Concentrations of Toxic Effects to Dialysis Patients-3002431c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN118-Chemical Names, Common Names and Formulas-3002459c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN119-Most Commonly Asked Questions-3002460d.pdf10/20/2011
 TN120-Glossary of Terms-3002461.pdf1/16/2009
 TN122-Chemical Toxic Effects in Drinking Water-3002462c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN128-Wire Connections-3002978.pdf1/27/2009
 TN158-RO Cleaning Disinfecting Considerations-3003010d.pdf1/22/2010
 TN159-Alarm Set Point for RO Machines-3003013d.pdf2/3/2012
 TN195-RO Operation On High Temp Feed Water-3026689a.pdf4/20/2010
 CWP Maint PM Kit9/17/2020


 Training VideoP/N
 CWP 100 Operators Guide3030100


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