Hach Chlorine Monitoring

    Hach Chlorine Monitoring

    HACH CM130

    Chlorine Monitoring System for Dialysis

    The Hach CM130 monitors total chlorine levels in pre-treatment water used in hemodialysis. The Hach CM130 Chlorine Monitoring System provides frequent analysis and immediate notification of high-chlorine events in dialysis centers by automatically testing chlorine levels in the water room every five to 20 minutes. 


    Audio and visual status notifications then are sent to a remote indicator on the patient floor. The CM130’s automated chlorine measurements are available for electronic export, facilitating compliant record-keeping for administrators and giving patient care staff the opportunity to focus their time on the patient floor.





Mar Cor Purification is the exclusive distributor of the Hach CM130 Chlorine Monitoring System for Dialysis.


Build confidence in your chlorine removal process with the Hach CM130. The system automatically measures chlorine levels every 5 minutes* with a standard, repeatable process and includes a remote indicator on the patient floor for immediate audio and visual notification of high-chlorine events.



The CM130 digitally records automated chlorine measurements and makes these timestamped values available for electronic export.


Online chlorine analysis and the remote indicator system deliver actionable insights to caregivers, giving them the opportunity to focus their time in the patient care environment.

*Measurements may be aborted when the system detects a measurement quality issue, resulting in a longer measurement interval (up to 20 minutes).

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