MCB Bicarb Mixer & Distribution System

    MCB Bicarb Mixer & Distribution System

    MCB Series Bicarbonate System

    50-100 Gallon Tanks, Mix & Delivery

    Mar Cor recognizes the challenges of properly preparing bicarbonate solutions and have designed several mix and delivery systems that offer both in quality and ease of use. We can help you plan a system for a new clinic or retrofit an existing facility. Our mixers our 510(k) certified, cost effective, clean and efficient, and are the best designs in the industry. We offer a range of choices so you can maximize efficiency with a system tailored to your needs




Standard Features
• State-of-the-art tanks and control units are made of corrosion resistant polyethylene that will help keep the work area free of rust and corrosion.
• Equipped with a spray nozzle for thorough tank cleaning and disinfecting.
• Low profile 50- or 100-gallon tanks allow easy bicarbonate powder loading.
• Complete bicarbonate mixing is attained with a powerful 3/4 or 1/2 hp pump system, while the distribution system offers a fractional hp pump for reliable transfer to all points of use.
• All models are ETL certified.
• Simple installation – shipped ready to use.
• Manual or batched controlled systems for convenient treated water filling.
• Mix and Distribution Systems offer a pure water rinse feature of the mix tank and distribution loop that reduces overall cleaning and disinfecting time.
• Built-in timer to prevent the possibility of overmixing and to maintain solution integrity.
• Tightly sealed lids with air vent filter to help reduce off-gassing and CO2loss.
• Sample ports off each tank and loop making testing easy and accessible.
MCB Series Specifications
TypeSingle MixMix & DistributionMix & Distribution 
Capacity50/100 Gallons50/100 Gallons50/100 Gallons 
Fill MethodManualManualBatch Meter 
Electrical110V, 20 amp110V, 20 amp110V, 20 amp 
Connections3/4” PVC3/4” PVC3/4” PVC 
Height3’ 7”5’ 1”4’ 9”*5’ 1”
Width3’ 6”3’ 0”7’ 1”7’ 1”
Depth3’ 0”3’ 0”2’ 8”2’ 8”
Weight (empty)90 lbs.125 lbs.300 lbs.350 lbs.

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