MicroFree Distribution Tubing

    MicroFree Distribution Tubing

    MicroFree Dialysis Water Tubing

    Zero Dead Leg, PFA Distribution 

    MicroFree tubing as compared to PVC piping has a lower potential for buildup of biofilm because it has a lower surface tension for water, reducing opportunity for biofilm to attach. As a result, biofilm is more easily removed due to the smooth surface. Independent studies have demonstrated that PFA materials have a higher resistance to biofilm buildup and is far easier to clean than other materials.

Standard Features
• Smooth wall prevents biofilm buildup and reduces pressure drop, saving energy
• Up to 75% faster rinse out of chemical sanitizers
• Fewer and cleaner fittings/couplings
• Compatible with all approved disinfection methods
• 510(k) Regulatory recognition
• Specially designed light-blocking shield
• 50% faster installation over typical PVC material
• Zero Dead Leg (ZDL) wall box connection
• Use in both water and bicarbonate distribution systems


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