Pretreatment Testing Station

    Pretreatment Testing Station

    PTS-47 Pretreatment Testing Station

    Easily Take and Record Feed Water Testing

    The PTS-47 is a Pretreatment Testing Station specifically designed for hemodialysis water treatment systems. It serves as a collection site for the express purpose of analyzing incoming water conditions. It holds four (4) sample valves with the capacity for seven (7) thereby allowing clinical personnel to collect all require feed water tests from one location. Sample ports that are normally found after each required pretreatment device are now routed directly to the PTS-47.



Standard Features 
• Convenient – One location to collect and test required feed water samples and a built-in shelf holds testing supplies.

• Accessible – Eliminates tight spaces between pretreatment devices making collecting samples easier.

• Accurate – Enhances sampling techniques by improving rinse-time capability.

• Identification – Descriptive sample port labeling and colorcoded valves provide quality assurance.

• Clean – Large drain basin keeps floors dry while sampling from multiple ports.

• Compact – Small footprint and unique bracket make it simple to position and install quickly.


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