Rover Dialysis Water Transport System

    Rover Dialysis Water Transport System

    ROVER Dialysis Water Transport System

    Mobilize Your Water

    The ROVER Dialysis Water Transport System (Patent Pending) is a medical grade cart approach designed for the safe movement of a portable reverse osmosis (RO) machine and associated treatment equipment. This complete and compact solution to move water treatment equipment is necessary to assist individual hemodialysis patients in hospital based settings or wherever acute care is required. Designed with the user in mind, the ROVER design conceals required components, provides hose and cord management options, and gives the user an area to store testing supplies and paperwork.


Standard Features
• All-in-one water treatment delivery system
• Rust-proof and corrosion resistant plastic design, including built-in rubber bumper guard
• Concealed components promotes attention to key parameters, while allowing easy access for maintenance
• Large 6” swivel casters with locking features for ease of maneuverability
• Integrated PTG-520® Carbon Block Filtration System protect patients and RO membranes from chlorine / chloramines and removes lower molecular weight dissolved organics from incoming feed water
• Ergonomically designed singular handles to promote proper movement causing less strain for the operator
• An integrated single pre-filter depth cartridge removes incoming sediment, dirt and debris down to 5 microns
• Compatible with Millenium HX®, Millenium, WRO 300, & WRO 300 H portable RO systems, along with a variety of other portable RO systems
• Sample ports with removable drip tray align with pressure gauges
• Smooth and accessible surfaces promote cleanliness and allow for simple and effective wipe-down procedures 
• Complies with ETL Tip and Threshold Testing Standards


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