DW Wall boxes Front View

    DW Wall boxes Front View

    Dialysis Wall Boxes

    PVC, PFA, and PEX Configurations

    Mar Cor Purification offers a diverse line of Station Wall Boxes designed to connect central distribution systems to a hemodialysis machine. Every box serves as a work station for each individual patient treatment area, conveniently accepting connections for Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Deionized (DI) water, bicarbonate, and acid concentrates. This keeps the dialysis work area clean and free from leakage.




Standard Features
• Molded polyethylene design provides corrosion resistant materials and fluid containment.
• All labeling and color coding meets AAMI and CMS standards.
• Color coded valves provides easy fluid identification.
• Quick connect fitting for both water and drain fittings.
• Panel mount valves provide convenient shut-off and single station isolation in the event of a catastrophe (water valve not available on all boxes).
• Zero-dead leg design for heat compatible loop materials.
• The recessed design affords more work space which protects fittings and connections helping to reduce breakage.
• Designed to handle a variety of different water distribution piping materials including, MicroFree™ Tubing (PFA), PEX®, and PVC.
• Available with various industry standard dialysis machineconnectors.
• Approximate size is 17” x 17”.
• A neutral beige color to easily match any facility interior decor.

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