WRO 300 Dialysis RO System

    WRO 300 Dialysis RO System

    WRO 300 Dialysis Water System

    Proven For Single Patient Use

    The WRO 300 water purification unit is designed to be used as a single patient unit in conjunction with a single dialysis machine. The WRO 300 is designed to meet AAMI grade water standards according to ANSI/AAMI 13959, and is ideal for use in home or acute dialysis settings. 


     Chemical DisinfectionEnergy Efficient



Standard Features
• Portable, compact and easy to operate with a very low noise level
• Additional automated procedures and internal diagnostic minimize home patients and caregiver involvement
• Programmable automated flushing and continuous product water loop eliminate stagnation and ensures system cleanliness
• Continuous product water loop minimizes water volume requirements for purified water production
• Automated processes ensure consistency with disinfection procedures
• End-to-end disinfection with dialysis machines
Optional Items
Mar Cor Purification offers a complete line of components and accessories, including:
• Docking Stations & Carts
• Filters, Softeners, & Carbon
• Hardness & Total Chlorine Test Kits
• AAMI Water Analysis
• High & Low pH Cleaners
• Chemical Disinfectants


WRO 300 Specifications
Part Number
Feed Water Supply
Input0.8 gpm (3.0 l/min) required
Pressure20 to 45 psi (0.15 to 0.3 mPa)*
Temperature41 to 86°F (5 to 30°C)
QualityPotable water shall be used. Softener followed by carbon/particle filter ensures optimum performance.
Product Water
OutputMinimum 0.3 gpm (1.1 l/min) at 50°F (10°C) and 22 psi (0.15 mPa) outlet pressure
QualityDepends on inlet water quality. If potable water is used and WRO 300 is maintained 
 according to the manual, the following minimum rejection rates will be obtained
 Total dissolved salts > 96 %
 Bacteria and pyrogens > 99 %
Drain Requirements
Operation0.32 ± 0.03 gpm (1.2 ± 0.1 l/min)
Peak Flow (Rinse)0.8 gpm (3.0 l/min)
Reverse Osmosis Membrane
MaterialPolyamide, thin film composite
ConfigurationSpiral wound
Disinfection & Cleaning
Chemical DisinfectionAutomatic dilution of disinfectant.  Rinse memory forcing the rinse program to start after chemical disinfection.
CleaningCustomized programs for different customer needs
Power Supply
Main Voltage100 V +/-10%, 60 Hz (max 570 W)
Main Socket115 V, Hospital grade earthed, type IEC 60 083
WRO 300 Dimensions
DepthMax - 20.5 inches (520mm)  Footprint - 15.0 inches (380mm) 
Width - MaxMax - 8.1 inches (205mm)  Footprint - 7.3 inches (185mm)
Height & WeightMax - 22.2 inches (563mm) & 63.9 lbs (29kg)
 WRO 300 H Manual - Operators Guide3027435
 Tech NotesDate
 TN225-WRO Inlet Hose Modification For Use With M1, M2 and Docking Station Carts10/24/2011
 TN230-WRO Mounting on Docking Station4/25/2012
 TN234-WRO 300-300 H New 4 3 CPU and Display6/12/2014
 General Tech NotesDate
 TN103-Hemodialysis Water Quality Standards-3002433g.pdf2/7/2009
 TN104-Nominal Rejection Characteristics of Reverse Osmosis Membranes-3002434c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN107-Resistivity Measurement-3002435c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN108-Flow and Volume Equivalents-3002436c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN111-Water Quality Conversion Table-3002437c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN112-Unit Conversion Tables-3002438.pdf1/16/2009
 TN113-Temperature Correction Factors for Thin Film Membranes-3002432e.pdf5/25/2011
 TN114-Unit of Measure and Their Abbreviations-3002409c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN115-Useful Formulas-3002430.pdf1/16/2009
 TN116-AAMI Analysis-3003016.pdf1/27/2009
 TN117-Concentrations of Toxic Effects to Dialysis Patients-3002431c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN118-Chemical Names, Common Names and Formulas-3002459c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN119-Most Commonly Asked Questions-3002460d.pdf10/20/2011
 TN120-Glossary of Terms-3002461.pdf1/16/2009
 TN122-Chemical Toxic Effects in Drinking Water-3002462c.pdf1/16/2009
 TN128-Wire Connections-3002978.pdf1/27/2009
 TN158-RO Cleaning Disinfecting Considerations-3003010d.pdf1/22/2010
 TN159-Alarm Set Point for RO Machines-3003013d.pdf2/3/2012
 TN212-Increased EBCT on Portable RO Systems-3026771d.pdf7/20/2012
 TN274-Carbon Block Filter Housing Replacement9/25/2015

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