WRO 300 Dialysis RO System

    Portable Dialysis Water System

    The WRO 300 water purification unit is designed to be used as a single patient unit in conjunction with a single dialysis machine. The WRO 300 is designed to meet AAMI grade water standards according to ANSI/AAMI 13959, and is ideal for use in home or acute dialysis settings.

    Chemical Disinfection Energy Efficient      
WRO 300 Dialysis RO System
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Standard Features
• Portable, compact and easy to operate with a very low noise level
• Additional automated procedures and internal diagnostic minimize home patients and caregiver involvement
• Programmable automated flushing and continuous product water loop eliminate stagnation and ensures system cleanliness
• Continuous product water loop minimizes water volume requirements for purified water production
• Automated processes ensure consistency with disinfection procedures
• End-to-end disinfection with dialysis machines
Optional Items
Mar Cor Purification offers a complete line of components and accessories, including:
• Docking Stations & Carts
• Filters, Softeners, & Carbon
• Hardness & Total Chlorine Test Kits
• AAMI Water Analysis
• High & Low pH Cleaners
• Chemical Disinfectants
WRO 300 RO System Datasheet
WRO 300 Dialysis Water System Datasheet
(P/N: 3027010)
  WRO 300 Specifications
  Part Number
  Feed Water Supply
  Input 0.8 gpm (3.0 l/min) required
  Pressure 20 to 45 psi (0.15 to 0.3 mPa)*
  Temperature 41 to 86°F (5 to 30°C)
  Quality Potable water shall be used. Softener followed by carbon/particle filter ensures optimum performance.
  Product Water
  Output Minimum 0.3 gpm (1.1 l/min) at 50°F (10°C) and 22 psi (0.15 mPa) outlet pressure
  Quality Depends on inlet water quality. If potable water is used and WRO 300 H is maintained 
    according to the manual, the following minimum rejection rates will be obtained
    Total dissolved salts > 96 %
    Bacteria and pyrogens > 99 %
  Drain Requirements
  Operation 0.32 ± 0.03 gpm (1.2 ± 0.1 l/min)
  Peak Flow (Rinse) 0.8 gpm (3.0 l/min)
  Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  Material Polyamide, thin film composite
  Configuration Spiral wound
  pH-Tolerance 2–11
  Disinfection & Cleaning
  Chemical Disinfection Automatic dilution of disinfectant.  Rinse memory forcing the rinse program to start after chemical disinfection.
  Cleaning Customized programs for different customer needs
  Power Supply
  Main Voltage 100 V +/-10%, 60 Hz (max 570 W)
  Main Socket 115 V, Hospital grade earthed, type IEC 60 083
  WRO 300 Dimensions
  Depth - Max 20.5 inches (520mm) Depth - Footprint 15.0 inches (380mm)
  Width - Max 8.1 inches (205mm) Width - Footprint 7.3 inches (185mm)
  Height 22.2 inches (563mm) Weight 63.9 lbs (29kg)


  Manuals P/N
  WRO 300 H Manual - Operators Guide 3027435
  Tech Notes Date
  TN225-WRO Inlet Hose Modification For Use With M1, M2 and Docking Station Carts 10/24/2011
  TN230-WRO Mounting on Docking Station 4/25/2012
  TN234-WRO 300-300 H New 4 3 CPU and Display 9/19/2012
  General Tech Notes Date
  TN102-Recovery-3002413.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN103-Hemodialysis Water Quality Standards-3002433g.pdf 2/7/2009
  TN104-Nominal Rejection Characteristics of Reverse Osmosis Membranes-3002434c.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN107-Resistivity Measurement-3002435c.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN108-Flow and Volume Equivalents-3002436c.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN111-Water Quality Conversion Table-3002437c.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN112-Unit Conversion Tables-3002438.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN113-Temperature Correction Factors for Thin Film Membranes-3002432e.pdf 5/25/2011
  TN114-Unit of Measure and Their Abbreviations-3002409c.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN115-Useful Formulas-3002430.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN116-AAMI Analysis-3003016.pdf 1/27/2009
  TN117-Concentrations of Toxic Effects to Dialysis Patients-3002431c.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN118-Chemical Names, Common Names and Formulas-3002459c.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN119-Most Commonly Asked Questions-3002460d.pdf 10/20/2011
  TN120-Glossary of Terms-3002461.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN122-Chemical Toxic Effects in Drinking Water-3002462c.pdf 1/16/2009
  TN128-Wire Connections-3002978.pdf 1/27/2009
  TN158-RO Cleaning Disinfecting Considerations-3003010d.pdf 1/22/2010
  TN159-Alarm Set Point for RO Machines-3003013d.pdf 2/3/2012
  TN212-Increased EBCT on Portable RO Systems-3026771d.pdf 7/20/2012
  TN274-Carbon Block Filter Housing Replacement 9/25/2015

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