Custom Hollow Fiber

    Custom Hollow Fiber

    Custom Hollow Fiber Filtration

    Hollow Fiber Developer & Collaborator

    Mar Cor has the capability to manufacture unique products with private labeling and customized packaging. Being a medical device manufacturer and working under a first rate Quality system makes us a unique partner for development. Our facility is certified to ISO 13485.

    From product development to small scale testing to full scale manufacturing, Mar Cor is driven to utilize our internal resources to solve customer filtration requirements.




custom filtration Datasheet



• Medical Device Design & Manufacturing
• Vapor Transfer / Degasification
• Cell Culturing Engineering
• Microsphere Diafiltration
• Cell Expansion for Cell Therapy
• Bioartificial Organs
• Pathogen Concentration
• Plasma Concentration
• Biodelivery Technology
• Hemoconcentration
• Hemofiltration
• Catalyst Recycling
• Cell Bioreactors



• Over 30 years of OEM and private label manufacturing experience
• Dedicated team of R&D, engineering and quality
• Concept to full scale production
• Vertically integrated manufacturing operation
• Flexibility for production expansion
• Support development and validation/510k submission
• Specialized membranes
• Small scale testing
• Structural integrity / failure analysis
• Wide range of standard module sizes
• Manufactured in the U.S.

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