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    Mar Cor's unique hollow fiber membrane technology is available in FiberFlo brand filtration and separation devices. Available in either cartridge or capsule form, the filter devices provide fluid purity in high flow applications with minimum filter investment. The unique hollow fiber membrane is made using advanced quality control techniques which produce a remarkably consistent product passing biocompatibility and performance criteria required for registration as a medical device under USFDA regulation 510k.


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  FiberFlo Hollow Fiber Filters
FiberFlo Hollow Fiber Cartridge Filters
For over 25 years the proven technology for bacteria, endotoxin and particle control.
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FiberFlo Hollow Fiber Capsule Filters
Superior performance to traditional, pleated membrane capsule filters.
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Proven Technology for Bacteria, Endotoxin and Spore Removal

The unique membrane structure of FiberFlo HF cartridge filters provides consistent and verifiable pyrogen removal that surpasses traditional, absolute-rated membrane filters. High level endotoxin, bacteria, and spore removal make these filters ideal for a variety of water purification or process fluid applications



The Benefits of Hollow Fiber
• Fine filtration
• Longer filter life
• Higher flow rates at lower pressure drops
• Extended life—cleanable, sanitizable
• Removes pyrogens*
• Autoclavable and steam sterilizable
• Quick rinse-up in ultrapure water
• In-situ integrity testable
• Hydrophilic membranes
• Biocompatible for life science and medical applications

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  FiberFlo TF 1680 CrossFlow Filters
Hollow Fiber Crossflow Filtration
Ideal for separation and purification applications, the polysulfone fibers have a graded pore size structure with a “skin” on the inside of the fibers.
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Dependable Membrane Performance
The Hollow Fiber membrane is produced in a registered FDA medical device facility under an extensive quality program compliant with ISO 13485:2003 standard. Each membrane lot is tested to rigorous standards resulting in very consistent performance not only within each lot but also from lot to lot.

Typical Applications
The Microfiltration membranes are ideal for many applications in biotechnology that include:
• Latex microparticle washing & coating
• Cell concentration
• Cell Debris removal
• Cell harvest
• Cell perfusion
• Multi-particle washing

  Increase Microsphere Processing Yields 30-50%
The unique membrane structure of FiberFlo CrossFlow filters are ideal for separation and purification applications, the polysulfone fibers have a graded pore size structure with a “skin” on the inside of the fibers. Fluids, even with varying viscosities, flow easily through the center of the fibers (inside the lumens) with the skin resistant to fouling by materials in the fluids.


Crossflow Filtration
  Hemoconcentrators     Hemofilters
High Performance Hemoconcentrators
The high performance of the Hemocor HPH enables the perfusionist to manage the patient’s hematocrit and fluid status.
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High Performance Hemofiltration
The Renaflo II HF hemofilters are designed using glycerine-free polysulfone membranes.
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From the World Leader in Hemoconcentration and Hemofiltration
Manufactured following a patented process incorporating hydrophilic polymers combined with a naturally hydrophobic polysulfone polymer, the sponge like structure of the fiber walls and inherent biocompatibility make it ideal for either medical therapies or processes. Devices meet the biocompatibility requirements of ISO 10993-4 tests for interactions with blood. Our proprietary hollow fiber membranes and therapeutic products are sold to biotechnology manufacturers that integrate the filter into their own proprietary systems and sold through third-party distributors. In addition to providing filters and filter technologies to biotech manufacturers, we also have distribution rights to market and sell their finished products in specific international markets.


Areas of Focus

• Hemoconcentrator/Hemofilter/Congestive Heart Failure

• Drug Delivery

• Bio-artificial Organs, Apheresis, Toxin Removal

• Non-extracorporeal Applications

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