Industrial water treatment

    Industrial water treatment

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    High Purity Water Treatment

    Mar Cor Purification knows the production of ultrapure water requires a complete understanding of the end users’ process requirements, along with the knowledge of the local feed water conditions and systems designs to ensure a trouble free system. Mar Cor Purification's technical specialists ensure all considerations have been reviewed to provide the most cost effective means of producing purified water to meet the required specifications at your point of use.


    Features & Benefits

    • WATERSMART Water Assurance Program
    • Standard Water Treatment Systems

    • Service Deionization Programs

Commerical & Industrial Water Systems

The PURICA is a commerical/industrial water system value designed to produce up to 6.0 US gpm (22.7 lpm) ...

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Commerical & Industrial Water Program

Mar Cor Purification designed the WaterSmart program to streamline the commercial/industrial water procurement process and give the end user the high purity water they need at a low monthly ...

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Improve the Life of Your Water System

Mar Cor offers a complete line of pretreatment equipment designed to accompany our Life Science water purification systems. Our Filters and Softeners have the option of being skid mounted (left) or stand alone.

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Service DI and Carbon Exchange Service

Service deionization is a portable DI and carbon exchange service that allows customers to produce high purity water in an economical manner. A typical Service DI system includes a carbon tank and ion exchange resin tanks ...

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