Purica Water System

    Purica Water System

    PURICA Water Treatment Systems

    Commercial & Industrial Water Systems

    The PURICA is a commercial/industrial water system value designed to produce up to 6.0 US gpm (22.7 lpm) of pure water to a storage and delivery system that can pump up to 20 US gpm (75.7 lpm) of high quality water to various points of use. The systems are designed to be customizable in order to deliver maximum flexibility and value to the end user. With a wide variety of flow rates, storage tank sizes, and available optional components, the PURICA is designed to meet almost any cost sensitive water treatment application.


Standard Features
Make-up Water System
• Automatic Carbon Filter System
• Automatic Water Softening System
• Fleck Control Valves with SXT controller
• 1.0 Micron Graded Density Pre-Filter
• Automatic Inlet Shut-Off Valve
• Flow Control Center, Including Concentrate and Recycle Valves
• Low Inlet Pressure Switch
• Conductivity Meter
• Stainless Steel Pump

Customizable Storage and Distribution System
• Flat or Conical Bottom Tank
• Tank Level Float
• Multi-Stage 316 SS Centrifugal Pump, TEFC
• 0.2 Micron Vent Filter & Optional Final Filter

Reverse Osmosis/EDI System Brochure
PURICA System Brochure
(P/N: 3031912)


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