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    lab water system

    RephiLe Lab Water Systems

    Lab Water Systems and Cosumbales

    Mar Cor Purification, one of the largest and most experienced water purification companies in North America, is an official distributor of RephiLe Bioscience. RephiLe designs and manufactures innovative and high quality pure water systems and consumables, in addition to other filtration and purification based products for use in biotechnology, healthcare and life science laboratories.


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Pure to Ultrapure Type I - Up to 1.5 Liters/Minute

• Produce Type I ultrapure water from RO, distilled or deionized water

• Easy to use multi-functional control panel, with On-Board TOC Monitoring


Direct-Pure UP

Tap to Ultrapure Type I - 10-50 Liters/Hour

• Produce ultrapure and reverse osmosis (RO) water from tap water directly.

• Cost-effective two-in-one integrated system, On-Board TOC Monitoring


Direct-Pure adept

Tap to Ultrapure Type I - On Demand - Up to 0.5 Liters/Minute

• Produce Type I ultrapure water and RO water on demand from tap water directly

• Ultrapure or RO water on demand from tap water, without a storage tank


Direct-Pure Genie

Tap to Type II or Ultrapure Type I - Up to 1.5 Liter/Minute

• Produce Type I ultrapure and Type II pure water from tap water in a single unit


• Allows user to work on a variety of applications utilizing both Type I ultrapure and Type II pure water in the lab

Direct-Pure EDI Type II

Tap to Type II Water - 5 - 250 Liters/Hour

• Produces Type II ultrapure water from tap water

• On-Board TOC Monitoring


Direct-Pure RO Type III

Tap to Type III Water - 10 -300 Liters/Hour

• High-flow water systems designed to produce reverse osmosis (RO) water from tap water directly


• Quickly and easily generate large volumes of RO water

Direct-Pure Super Genie

Pure to Ultrapure - 60 - 250 Liters/Hour

• Specifically designed for Clinical Analyzer market with high volume access to RO, Type II, or Ultrapure Type I Water

• Pure or Ultrapure water dispensing with one or two dispensers

• Integrated pretreatment including filtration and chlorine removal

• Integrated 100L reservoir with larger options

• Emergency bypass for di tanks

Replacement Consumables & Spare Parts

RephiLe offers a wide range of replacement cartridges and accessories for lab water systems.  These consumables are a cost-effective alternative to brand-name lab water filtration consumables while offering the same quality components and resins.  From replacement ultrapure cartridges, RO membranes, or sensors, RephiLe replacement products will return your existing lab water system to peak operating condition.


Replacement Parts & Consumables Include:

• Ultrapure Cartridges

• Pretreatment Filtration Cartridges

• EDI Modules

• RO Membranes

• UV Lamps


• Valves & Sensors

SDS Bicarbonate System Datasheet 

RephiLe Lab Water Systems Brochure
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