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    Mar Cor Purification is the largest supplier of hemodialysis water systems in the North America. Mar Cor offer hemodialysis providers a turn-key solution that is designed to make sure critical water needs are being served in compliance with applicable regulations.

    Mar Cor combines pretreatment, filtration, reverse osmosis (RO), and ultrafiltration to provide you with the most cost effective package. All of Mar Cor's systems carry a 510(k) medical device certificate from the FDA and are designed to exceed AAMI and CSA standards. Each system is serviced from one of Mar Cor's 20 nationwide service locations. No matter what the source water is, Mar Cor can provide a safe, reliable system that is designed to produce water to insure safe, high quality care for hemodialysis patients.

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Central Water Systems for Hemodialysis

  Heat Disinfection Technology Cost Savings
(P/N: 3029557)
  Water for Dialysis
      (P/N: 50096-084)
  CWP 100 RO System w/ Hot Water Loop Disinfection
(P/N: 3027011)
  BioPure HX2 Dialysis Water System
      (P/N: 3028250)
  23G RO System 3,000 to 16,500 GPD
(P/N: 1236502)
  4400M RO System 4,000 to 24,000 GPD
      (P/N: 484908)
  4400HX Hot Water Disinfection Systems
      (P/N: 485000)
  2200 RO System 2,200 GPD
      (P/N: 50096-239)
  M4 RO System 2,200 to 13,200 GPD (M4 50hz Model)
(P/N: 1236500)

Portable Water Systems for Hemodialysis

  Millenium HX Brochure
      (P/N: 3027803)
  Millenium HX RO System
      (P/N: 3027803)
  WRO 300 H Brochure
      (P/N: 3027401)
  WRO 300 H Water Purification System
      (P/N: 3027263)
  WRO 300 Water Purification System
      (P/N: 3027010)
  The Millenium RO System 1970 ml/min       (P/N: 1238591)
  700 Series RO Systems 650 to 2600 ml/min
      (P/N: 1238642)

Bicarbonate Mix & Delivery Systems

  MCB Bicarbonate Mixing and Distribution Units (P/N: 3024581)
  SDS Bicarbonate Mixing and Distribution System (P/N: 3024949)

Portable RO System Carts & Docking Stations

  Eronomic Transport System (P/N: 3028248)
CIP Tank   Lightweight CIP Tank (P/N: 3025827)
  Water Leak System (P/N: 3027270)

Medical Water Filtration

  PTG-520 Compact Carbon Filtration System (P/N: 3027507)
Carbon Block Report   The Use of Carbon Block Technology for Portable RO Dialysis Application (P/N: 3027158)
  Posiclear Capsule (P/N: 3025819)
Carbon Block Report   Nephros Dual Stage Ultrafilter (DSU) (P/N: 3027158)
  Nephros Single Stage Ultrafilter (SSU) (P/N: 3025819)

Medical Water Distribution

  MicroFree™ Tubing (P/N: 3026329)
  DW Station Wall Boxes (P/N: 3027954)
  PTS-47 Pretreatment Testing Station (P/N: 3029668)

Medical Water Service & Training

  Mar Cor Services & Support Brochure (P/N: 3026785)
  On-line Water Training (P/N: 50096-089)

Medical Water Pretreatment

  Automatic Water Softeners (P/N: 3027160)
  Automatic Sediment Filters (P/N: 3027163)
  Automatic Carbon Adsorbers (P/N: 3027163)
  Automatic Multimedia Filters (P/N: 3027159)
Activated Carbon   Activated Carbon Media (P/N: 3025653)



Medical Service Deionization & Carbon Exchange - U.S.

  Service Exchange Premium Grade Mixed Bed Deionization Tanks (U.S. Only) (P/N: 484925)
  Service Exchange Activated Carbon Tanks (U.S. Only) (P/N: 484926)

Medical Service Deionization & Carbon Exchange - Canada

  Service Exchange Premium Grade Mixed Bed Deionization Tanks (Canada Only) (P/N: 3025904)
  Service Exchange Type A Mixed Bed Deionization Tanks (Canada Only) (P/N: 3027564)
  Service Exchange Activated Carbon Tanks(Canada Only) (P/N: 484921)
  Service Exchange Catalytic Carbon Tanks (Canada Only) (P/N: 3027951)

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