New Video Highlights Highly Customizable, Low Flow Rate 4400L Water System


    The Life Sciences water market, unique for the wide range of applications and market conditions, particularly start-up pharmaceutical, lab water makeup, and cosmetics, has historically required the use of custom water systems to meet the varied needs of the end users.


    With exacting standards, wide range of flow rates, and numerous optional components, Mar Cor’s 4400L high purity water system aims to standardize this notoriously unpredictable market. The standard, low cost system that includes many popular optional components and is capable of meeting the needs of almost any high purity water applications.


    The 4400L Product Introduction Video



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    4400L™ High Purity Water System

    2,800 to 11,000 GPD Generation & 28,800 to 115,200 GPD Storage & Delivery

    The 4400L is designed to produce up to 8 US gpm (30 lpm) at 41°F (5°C) of pure water to a storage and delivery system that can pump up to 80 US gpm (303 lpm) of high quality water to various points of use. The color touch HMI view coupled with an industrial PLC provides a robust control system for operator ease of use.

    Heat Cost Savings 

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