New Video Highlights Features that make the Minncare Dry Fog 2 System a Vital Component in Cleanroom Bio-Decontamination

    Now a commonplace technology as part of modern cleanroom disinfection procedures, the Minncare Dry Fog System has established itself as an effective and trusted component in routine disinfection protocol. The established clean room decontamination technology has been in place for over ten years and is currently in use in hundreds of clean rooms worldwide. The vaporization technology employed by the system make it one of the most advanced and effective clean room bio-decontamination technologies available. The system delivers a vaporized form of Minncare, a peracetic acid based sterilant, that acts as an oxidizer to destroy a microbial organism’s structure. These Dry Fog droplets are so fine that they ensure even dispersion of chemical sterilant, reducing the risk of corrosion and condensation in a clean room. Additionally, while other disinfection procedures can take up to 3-5 days to complete, the Dry Fog technology can assist in dramatically reducing this time.  In conjunction with your normal cleanroom disinfection procedures the Minncare Dry For 2 System typically takes 3 hours. The mobility of the system means it can be used almost anywhere—hospitals, laboratories, businesses—in addition to clean-room applications.


    Looking to improve the overall user experience of the Dry Fog system, Mar Cor recently finished development of the next generation of Dry Fog technology. The result of this endeavor, the Minncare Dry Fog 2 System, has enhancements that improve the durability and flexibility of the system compared to its original counterpart. The improved spray head has eight different nozzle ports, capable of pointing both horizontally and vertically. This flexibility allows the system to more accurately direct vapors in complex clean room environments. The updated stainless steel design, including a completely stainless steel head, ensures the system’s longevity, warding off corrosion and making the system virtually maintenance free. These enhancements effectively lower labor and operating costs involved in the on-going decontamination of a clean room.


    This improved design has Mar Cor excited to share this new technology with clean room operators worldwide. These same operators should in turn be exited, as the new Minncare Dry Fog 2 System is a sound investment for any facility in need of critical area fogging. For more information on the Dry Fog 2 see this informative data sheet or this introduction video which provides an in depth overview of the system operation. Contact Mar Cor Purification for more information and to experience this vital technology for your clean room and the benefits it provides yourself.


    The Minncare Dry Fog 2 Product Introduction Video



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    Minncare Dry Fog 2 System

    Clean Room Aerosol-Based Bio-Decontamination

    The Minncare Dry Fog 2 system provides an easy to use, high technology solution for clean room and critical area fogging. The combination of our highly effective Minncare Cold Sterilant chemical and our state of the art Dry Fog delivery system enables users to rapidly and safely deliver Minncare vapor to even the most complex areas. Its sanitary and autoclavable design will permit its use in the most critical areas within pharmaceutical and other industries concerned with maintaining the utmost levels of sterility.

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