Mar Cor Purification sponsors the release of Water Treatment for Dialysis for NANT

    The National Association of Nephrology Technicians/Technologists (NANT) partnered with Mar Cor Purification to launch the first new book about water for dialysis since the Water Treatment Manual was published by the FDA in 1989. Seventeen authors representing key water treatment professionals, dialysis professionals and academicians contributed their expertise to bring this much needed information to the dialysis community.


    The 209-page manual features twelve chapters, including source water, risks and hazards of dialysis water, design of water treatment systems, pre-treatment equipment, primary treatment devices, water distribution, monitoring, and system maintenance. It also covers portable water treatment systems for acute and home dialysis as well as water quality standards and regulations. Seven appendices include a sample letter to a water supplier, ANSI/AAMI maximum contaminant levels, EPA primary drinking water contaminant list, water related V-Tags from CMS Conditions of Coverage and a sample home hemodialysis environmental survey.


    Curt Weitnauer, President of Mar Cor Purification, stated “The release of this new NANT publication is an integral step in educating the hemodialysis community both on the importance of water quality and on the effective management of all water generating processes and components. Mar Cor is pleased to have had the opportunity to be involved in the development of a manual that will go a long way to increase hemodialysis provider knowledge and ultimately impact long term patient safety.”


    The book is available in both printed softbound and electronic versions from NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NEPHROLOGY TECHNICIANS website.


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