Mar Cor Purification Spotlighted by Davita Village Trust's Bridge Of Life Program


    DaVita Village Trust - Bridge of Life, and organization whose mission is to improve community health, wellness and vitality including chronic kidney disease education, prevention and treatment, recently highlighted Mar Cor Purification as a donor to the program. In 2014, DaVita Village Trust (DVT) brought together two prominent kidney care non-profit organizations. The combined programs of The Kidney TRUST and Bridge of Life (BOL) allow DaVita Village Trust to provide a full range of kidney care services. These include international medical missions that deliver dialysis treatment and pimary care service to patients who would otherwise not receive care and free-rapid screening programs to identify those who have signs of kidney impairment within the United States and abroad.In 2015, Bridge of Life became the primary program of DVT and serves thousands of men, women and children through four impact areas: kidney care, primary care, education and prevention, and medically supported camps for kids. 

    Mar Cor Purification is proud to be a donor to a program, "Mar Cor has always believed in giving back to the community. BOL has given us an amazing opportunity to support them while they are driving an incredible initiative to save lives that would otherwise be lost. Giving financial support to this cause was a no-brainer for Mar Cor Purification, and we truly appreciate the opportunity." - Rich Benner, Senior Manager, Strategic Accounts.


    To read the entire Donor Spotlight click here


    For more information on the DaVita Village Trust - Bridge of Life Program visit their website, or visit their online donation form to make a donation.

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