Biopure HX2 Double Pass Water System Exceeds Hemodialysis Ultrapure Water Endotoxin Removal Standards


    Mar Cor Purification continually strives to improve patient safety in the hemodialysis water industry with the latest innovations, using the most advanced technologies available. The removal of endotoxins, a well-known and difficult to remove the toxic substance that is bound to bacterial cell wall and released when the bacterium ruptures or disintegrates, is no different.


    The Product Water Acceptance Criteria developed by CAN/CSA-ISO13959-11 and CAN/CSA-ISO11663-11 has defined two designations for the quality of product water, “Standard” and “Ultrapure”. It states the allowance for the “Standard” designation of endotoxin levels is less than 0.5 EU/ML. By contrast, allowance for “Ultrapure” is far more restrictive and must have less than 0.03 EU/ML, a huge improvement over the standard. Determined to exceed the “Standard” and even “Ultrapure” endotoxin levels, Mar Cor Purification developed the BioPure HX2 Double Pass Water Purification System. This next generation central RO unit for use in clinics and hospitals is intended to purify water for hemodialysis purposes and features built-in hot water disinfection that aids in the prevention and subsequent removal of bacteria and endotoxins all while reducing chemical dependence.


    Utilizing a Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) test, Mar Cor Purification ran the BioPure HX2 ultrapure water system through a series of tests test aimed at identifying the endotoxin removal levels achievable using the double pass reverse osmosis process. The results of this study found that the BioPure HX2 was consistently achieving endotoxin levels of 0.01 EU/ML, exceeding Health Canada standards. This demonstrates the quality of water achievable utilizing the BioPure HX2 and highlights the potential patient safety benefits associated with consistently maintaining low levels of endotoxins. For more information on this test and a process flow diagram of Mar Cor Purification’s BioPure HX2, see the full research report below.



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    BioPure HX2 Endotoxin Results

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    BioPure HX2

    Double Pass Dialysis Water Purification System

    Mar Cor Purification offers the next generation central RO unit, the BioPure HX2. This direct feed double pass reverse osmosis system is designed specially to meet stringent international hemodialysis water requirements.

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