Mar Cor’s CWP 100 Heat Disinfection System Can Potentially Save Dialysis Clinics Thousands


    With savings of up to $40,000 or more over five years, it’s difficult to reason against having a heat disinfection system for the creation of water for dialysis. Per annual average, clinics utilizing a standard chemical disinfection system will be potentially shelling out nearly $10,000 in on-going annual operating costs. Instead, by adopting Mar Cor Purification’s CWP 100 dialysis water system with heat disinfection technology, during that same time period, clinics on average only spend around $1,900.


    This vast disparity in ongoing operating costs is due to the automation of the disinfection process allowed through the heat disinfection technology. Rather than racking up labor hours through weekly chemical sanitization procedures, heat disinfection can be done automatically and off-hours without operator supervision. The CWP 100 heat disinfection system uses more efficient technology, reducing labor hours required, the most expensive cost driver to traditional chemical disinfection systems.


    In a typical chemical system, the annual cost of labor hours alone could potentially add up to $5,100— more than two-and-a-half times the amount of the heat disinfection’s total cost. Add in the chemical costs associated with the chemical disinfection process and heat disinfection technology is clearly the more economical option in terms of on-going costs.


    In five years, a chemical disinfection system could cost a clinic almost $50,000.


    In those same five years, a heat disinfection system could cost that same clinic just shy of $10,000.


    Some equations solve themselves.


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