New Product Introduction Video Highlights the Millenium HX and Its Unique Isolated Heat Disinfection Capability


    Mar Cor continually strives to develop innovative technologies designed to improve patient safety and increase provider productivity. As a result, the Millenium HX is the first portable RO water treatment medical device for hemodialysis that can automatically heat disinfect itself and the product water supply tubing to the dialysis machine without being connected to a water supply. This compact RO device represents a quantum leap in reliable water treatment production with the added feature of automated hot water disinfection capability.

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    The Millenium HX is designed to meet current AAMI/ISO 13959 water quality standards and is FDA cleared for use in Acute and Home dialysis settings. With a full-color LCD, user-friendly touch screen, and automated complete system disinfection that reduces user exposure and increases bacteria control, the system represents the next evolution of Portable Reverse Osmosis devices for hemodialysis.


    The Millenium HX joins an already diverse, and still growing, suite of products and systems for hemodialysis, following a trend of increasing innovation in RO technology and patient safety.


    The Millenium HX Product Introduction Video can be viewed below



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