Mar Cor Purification Set to Retire the Millenium™ 750 Reverse Osmosis (RO) Machine From the Dialysis Marketplace


    The Millenium 750 was first introduced back in the early 2000s as a Class II medical device and for many years it has been the leading portable RO machine in the industry. With its compact size, unique feature set, consistent water quality production, and dependable operation, the Millenium has proven itself reliable for assisting in both acute and home hemodialysis treatment settings. Mar Cor estimates that over 10,000 units were sold. However with the rise of heat disinfection technology, demand for the product has declined and the product will be retired. 

    Owners of the Millenium can continue to operate this machine without issue by following recommended manufacturer’s policies and procedures all in accordance with AAMI standards. Mar Cor will continue to support the Millenium 750 RO by offering spare parts, supplies, technical, and field service for the next seven years once the official discontinued date has been established later this year. Mar Cor continues to offer a variety of portable RO machines for this application including the hot water disinfectable WRO 3O0 H and the Millenium HX units.

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