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    Date   News Event Press Release  
  Jan. 4, 2016   Mar Cor Purification Releases New 2016 Digital Dialysis Water Catalog and Price Guide  
  Dec. 16, 2015   Mar Cor Purification Releases 2016 Dialysis Water Training Course Schedule  
  Dec. 1, 2015   Mar Cor Purification Employee Participation in Kidney Walks Helps Raise $16,471 for the 
National Kidney Foundation
  July 31, 2015   PTS-47 Allows Hemodialysis Clinics to More Effectively Test Water Quality  
  June 16, 2015   Mar Cor Purification Spotlighted by Davita Village Trust's Bridge Of Life Program  
  May 5, 2015   New Video Highlights Highly Customizable, Low Flow Rate 4400L Water System  
  Apr. 2, 2015   Mar Cor Purification sponsors the release of Water Treatment for Dialysis for NANT  
  Mar. 25, 2015   New Video Highlights Features that make the Minncare Dry Fog 2 System a Vital Component in Cleanroom Bio-Decontamination  
  Mar. 10, 2015   Mar Cor Purification Set to Retire the Millenium™ 750 Reverse Osmosis (RO) Machine From the Dialysis Marketplace  
  Feb. 4, 2015   Mar Cor Purification Releases New & Improved Minncare Dry Fog® 2 Cleanroom Bio-Decontamination System  
  Jan. 15, 2015   Mar Cor Purification Given 510(K) Clearance for Minncare® HD Disinfectant pdf
  Jan. 5, 2015   Mar Cor Purification Releases 2015 MCP US Medical Product Price Guide  
  Jan. 2, 2015   Cantel Medical Acquires Pure Water Solutions, Inc. pdf
  Oct. 23, 2014   Cantel Medical Named to the Forbes 2014 List of the "100 Best Small Companies in America"  
  Oct. 6, 2014   PTG-520® Answers Dialysis Provider’s Call for a Lightweight, Cost-Effective Solution to Activated Carbon Tanks  
  Sept. 18, 2014   New Product Introduction Video Highlighting the Double Pass Biopure HX2 and It’s Energy and Water Saving Features  
  Aug. 20, 2014   Biopure HX2 Double Pass Water System Exceeds Hemodialysis Ultrapure Water Endotoxin Removal Standards  
  July 29, 2014   Minncare Dry Fog System Increases Efficacy, Efficiency And Reduces Costs For Large Pharmaceutical Company  
  July 8, 2014   Mar Cor’s Highly Customizable, Low Flow Rate 4400L Water System Gaining Popularity In High Purity Water Market  
  June 25, 2014   New Product Introduction Video Highlights the Millenium HX and Its Unique Isolated Heat Disinfection Capability  
  June 17, 2014   Mar Cor’s CWP 100 Heat Disinfection System Can Potentially Save Dialysis Clinics Thousands  
  June 3, 2014   Mar Cor’s High Purity Water System Cuts Premier Cleanroom Garment Provider’s Operating Costs By 75%  
  May 28, 2014   Cantel Medical and Osteosymbionics Announce FDA 510(k) Clearance of Clearshield™ Implant Using Novel REVOX® Sterilization Process pdf
  May 14, 2014   Mar Cor Purification Given 510(k) Clearance For Double Pass Heat Disinfectable Water System For Dialysis ‐ Biopure HX2 pdf
  Mar. 11, 2014   Nephros and Mar Cor Purification Announce Distribution Agreement pdf
  Mar. 1, 2014   Mar Cor's introduces the new 4400L High Purity Water, Storage & Delivery System for Ultrapure Water Applications  
  Feb. 24, 2014   Cantel Medical Announces Novel Sterilization Process Receives ISO Registration pdf


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Tradeshow Schedule
Trade Show Schedule
  Date Trade Show Location
  February 16, 2017 ISPE Show Philadelphia, PA
  February 20-23, 2017 NANT Annual Conference Las Vegas, NV
  February 23, 2017 ISPE Rocky Mountain  Westminster, CO
  March 2-4, 2017 CA Dialysis Council 35th Annual Conf. Palm Desert, CA
  March 14, 2017 ISPE CaSA Raleigh, NC
  April 7-10, 2017 ANNA Annual Conference Washington DC Dialysis
  October 4, 2017 ISPE Boston Foxboro, MA
  November 2-4, 2017 ASN Annual Conference New Orleans, LA

Trade Show Schedule

DateTrade ShowLocationBoothMarket
January 30, 2018International Conference on DialysisLake Buena, FloridaN/ADialysis
February 6, 2018MDM WestAnahiem, CAN/APharmaceutial/Lab
February 15, 2018Rocky Mountain ISPEWestminster, PAN/APharmaceutical/Lab
March 13, 2018ISPE CASARaleigh, NCN/APharmaceutical/Lab
March 20, 2018NANT National SymposiumLas Vegas, NVN/ADialysis
March 22, 2018California Dialysis CouncilRancho Mirage, CAN/ADialysis
April 15, 2018ANNA Annual ConferenceLas Vegas, NAN/A Dialysis
April 17, 2018InterphexNew York, NY3939Pharmaceutical/Lab
October 17, 2018NRAA Annual ConferenceBoston, MAN/ADialysis
October 23, 2018American Society of Nephrology - Kidney WeekSan Diego, CAN/ADialysis
November 4, 2018ISPE Annual MeetingPhiladelphia, PA717Pharmaceutical/Lab

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