PTS-47 Allows Hemodialysis Clinics to More Effectively Test Water Quality

    Multiple ports aid dialysis clinic personnel in pretreatment testing.

    Mar Cor aims to provide solutions to clinics’ everyday issues, making daily tasks more efficient and easier to manage. Released in 2104, and built for convenience, the lightweight, multi-port PTS-47 Pretreatment Testing Station provides welcome relief to clinic personnel whose jobs entail the sampling of pretreatment water from multiple devices. The centralized testing station puts all testing ports in one, centralized, convenient package.


    The PTS-47 routes all water samples to one point, allowing for easier and less time consuming testing protocols. Sample ports, which have been historically found after each required pretreatment device are now routed directly to the PTS-47, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple devices at once. This removes tight spaces between pretreatment devices, making collection of these samples easier.


    Four sample polyvinylchloride valves are included, but with the capacity for seven, the clinic can add more if desired. The PTS-47 provides additional value as it can significantly improve rinse-time capability, enhancing sampling techniques. Keeping personnel and equipment dry during testing is always a challenging, and the PTS-47 addresses these issues by providing the user a large (1-7/16” opening) plastic drain keeps floors dry.


    The PTS-47 is built to make the tasking of pretreatment sampling as simple and efficient as possible with ports and valves that are descriptively labeled and color-coded for quality assurance. Weighing in at five pounds, with dimensions of 12” x 15” x 6”, the compact, lightweight PTS-47 is simple to position and quick easy to install.


    Response to the PTS-47 has been overwhelmingly positive both into brand new system installations and into existing water systems. Mar Cor will continue to search for ways to improve provider productivity and ensure patient safety.


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    Pretreatment Testing Station

    The PTS-47 is a Pretreatment Testing Station specifically designed for hemodialysis water treatment systems. It serves as a collection site for the express purpose of analyzing incoming water conditions. It holds four (4) sample valves with the capacity for seven (7) thereby allowing clinical personnel to collect all require feed water tests from one location. Sample ports that are normally found after each required pretreatment device are now routed directly to the PTS-47.

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